Worthy Blendie Bowls

Plant-based & Ready-to-Eat Veggies, Fruits, Legumes & Chia - All in One little Bowl!

Our mission: To Nourish the Goodness in All of Us!

We make it easier for everyone to eat more plants -deliciously and conveniently – and avoid animal products.

Our category creating Blendie Bowls are the first plant-based, all-in-one snack made for on the go, and accessible for all.

We’re All Worthy!

Please join us!


Plant-based deliciousness from traditional ingredients crafted to fit your modern life. Veggies, fruits, protein and fiber from legumes and chia – all in one little bowl! Worthy nourishment without animal products.


Nourishment with a smile. Worthy Blendie Bowl flavors were inspired by some of our favorites โ€“ dark chocolate brownies, strawberry pie, pina coladas and vanilla orange popsicles.