Super Blendie bliss awaits.


It's time to avoid the crash we can get from too much sugar, and from foods lacking the balance of fiber and protein we need to sustain ourselves every day! 

Our Super Blendies always serve a well-rounded blend of healthy ingredients. We use non-GMO ingredients that are free of dairy, gluten, soy, and nuts. Each cup is full of plant-based protein, fiber, antioxidants, heart healthy Omega 3s & 6s, and 3 daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

Meet your new favorites!

Green Tropics

A bright, luscious blend of greens and tropical flavors. 

Strawberries & Greens

A wonderfully sweet and tart blend of kale, broccoli, chia and fresh strawberry flavors.

Dark Cocoa Cherry

A naturally indulgent combination of deep intense chocolate and sweet dark cherries.

Carrot Ginger Lime

A sweet and spicy blend of carrots and ginger balanced with a citrus finish.