Live Worthy Project

At The Worthy Company,our mission is to help people nourish their worth every day.

That’s why we created our plant-based superfood Blendie Bowl Snack.

But beyond our product, Worthy is about a purpose to help people eat well, feel great and Live Worthy.

What do we mean by “LiveWorthy?” So glad you asked!

Living worthy is a spirit. A mindset. An attitude. 

  • Following your passion

  • Pushing the boundaries

  • Forging new ground

  • Fostering inclusion

  • Being brave

  • Making a difference

  • Setting a standard

  • Breaking the rules

  • Taking risks

Live Worthy is, we hope, the start of a movement that reminds, inspires and mobilizies all of us to fuel our ‘busy bodies’ with as much worth as we pump out of them each day.


Living worthy takes energy, commitment and strength. But it’s worth it.  And so are you.

That’s why we’ve created the Live Worthy Project – to recognize those who represent what it means live worthy, help them inspire others to do the same, and honor them with the nourishment they need and deserve.

Tell us about someone you feel personifies what it means to Live Worthy for a chance for their story to be featured on our site and, of course, get a “Worthy package” of goodies to nourish their worth each day.